Friday, 27 August 2010

Great British Waste Menu

In an interesting twist on the Great British Menu, four of the country's top chefs compete to cook food that would normally be thrown away. This program does a great job of showing just how much food we waste in this country: vegetables ploughed back into the ground because they don't meet supermarket standards; fruit and vegetables fed to pigs because of minor blemishes; unfashionable offal sent to the dog food factory; perfectly good food that has past its sell-by date salvaged from supermarket bins and the back our own fridges.

Angela Hartnett, Richard Corrigan, Matt Tebbutt and Simon Rimmer turn this 'waste' food into a fantastic banquet for 60 VIP guests. Although it's a competition and somebody has to lose,  not one of them turns out a dud dish.  See for yourself what they came up with and get some ideas on how to use up your own food leftovers - available on BBC iPlayer until September 1st.

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