Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pea and mint arancini

I hadn't gotten round to downloading the photos from my camera when I made the last blog post. Here are the pea and mint arancini I mentioned:
and here's what they looked like inside:
These are quite easy to make. If you leave leftover risotto in the fridge overnight, it will congeal and look quite unappetising, but this makes it very easy to handle. Take a small handful of the rice and form into a ball around a nugget of mozzarella, then roll gently between your hands to shape. Toss in flour, then beaten egg, finally breadcrumbs. Once you've assembled your arancini, deep-fry in batches in a neutral oil: 6-7 minutes at 180℃ will do nicely.

Small arancini make a great appetizer, but there's something especially satisfying about deep-fried food that makes it almost worthwhile making too much risotto with an eye on tomorrow's snacks.

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